A Kid’s Dune Buggy Constructed Like It’s Full Sized

A kids dune buggy is expected to be one of the more spectacular toys that can be given to a child. Capable of fulfilling a child’s dream of being able to drive a car (or at least a semblance of it); you’re almost sure that your kid is going to remember it for the rest of his/her life. However, the problem can be in selecting one because there are a lot of concerns when trying to find a kid’s dune buggy. Among the issues you have to think about are price, durability, and safety. Razor, one of the best active toy manufacturers in the industry, has come up with the Razor Dune Buggy.

There is a perception out there that dune buggies that are developed for kids are made flimsily. Razor is trying to change all that with their product. In contrast to those buggies that are made out of plastic, this buggy is made with quality durable materials. In fact, you might even mistake this one as a downsized version of a full sized buggy due to the quality of its build. Its framework is created out of steel. And some of its mechanics would make you even think that this is not constructed for children.

Just to start, we are going to discuss the various safety equipment integrated into this kids dune buggy in order to keep your precious cargo in one piece. It is designed to be as low to the ground as possible to reduce the risk of rollovers, one of the most dangerous types of accidents that can occur on these types of vehicles. Additional safety equipment includes a roll cage constructed out of tubular steel (just like what you see on race cars) and a padded bucket seat complete with a seat belt.

We have said before that its equipment makes the Razor Dune Buggy look like a downsized dune buggy rather than a kid’s dune buggy. It is mainly because of the standard equipment. It is equipped with an active suspension that allows it to get through all kinds of terrain. In addition, in place of plastic wheels, it has 8 inch wheels complete with pneumatic rubber tires. This ensures great handling on all surfaces. And disc brakes allow for superb stopping power. As for the engine, it is an electric-fed motor that has a maximum output of 350 watts. An electric motor has its advantages: it consumes no fuel and it is a silent operator. Its maximum output is measured at 350 watts, enabling it to have a maximum capacity of 120 pounds and a top speed of 10 miles per hour. Even better is that it has a drive that allows for the adjustment of torque according to the terrain. This is great for those tough to drive on surfaces such as uphill climbs.

The Razor Dune Buggy is one kids dune buggy that has capability beyond its size. Now you can provide some great outdoor fun for your child and still be at ease that this toy is constructed well and should keep your child safe from accidents.

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