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Razor Dune Buggy Review – Is This Toy Really Worth It?

Razor Dune BuggyReviewer: Miranda McConnell

Rating: 5 star

Welcome to Razor Dune Buggy Review.  I decided to create this website to help other parents and grandparents get all the info they needed in one place.  Hopefully I can save you a bunch of time and hassle in figuring out if this electric dune buggy is right for your family.

Our Story

My son, David’s first electric ride-on toy was a Power Wheels Jeep which he absolutely loved.  He had gotten way too big for it and it just wasn’t zippy enough for him at the ripe old age

of 7.

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When I was researching a kids dune buggy that would be the next step up for him, I had a really hard time finding anything for 6 – 12 year olds.  Most of the dirt buggies out there are either for younger children or teenagers.  If you search online for dune buggies, you end up with a page of souped up gas powered buggies that reach speeds of 40+ mph with hefty prices.  I just wasn’t willing to spend $800 on something my son probably wasn’t ready for and couldn’t handle.

We bought the Razor Dune Buggy as a birthday gift for David.  The look on his face when he opened the box was priceless.  He had the biggest grin ever.  We ordered it through Amazon and everything showed up on time.  It was basically completely put together when we got it.  The only thing we had to do was put the safety flag in the holder and make sure the battery was charged.  Within 10 minutes of opening the box, David was out zipping around on his new ride.  We did make him wear a helmet though.  Safety first!

Our son got the hang of steering and braking pretty quickly since he had some experience with other ride on toys. That seemed to make the transition easier.  We loved the fact that it would go faster than his old ride on toy but not so fast that my hair turned prematurely gray.

What We Thought:

We all love this mini dune buggy and my husband and I wish they made one in our size.  We can ride in David’s but it’s a bit cramped and the extra weight wears out the battery faster.  I would highly recommend the Razor Dune Buggy.  It exceeded our expectations by far!

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • Easy for kids to learn to drive
  • Ready to go right out of box (may need to fully charge battery to get longer first use)
  • Safe for kids approximately 6 – 12 yrs. old (depending on size and experience)
  • Works on uneven surfaces (grass, gravel, dirt and pavement)
  • Comes with rubber pneumatic tires instead of plastic for better traction
  • Lower center of gravity to prevent tipping
  • Built to last with sturdy steel tube frame so it won’t fall apart in a month
  • Gets kids outside and off the couch
  • Super Fun!!

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Miranda McConnell

Razor Dune Buggy: A Mini Dune Buggy Bigger Than Its Size

Razor Dune BuggyA mini dune buggy is one of the best gifts that you can give to your kid. As we all know, just about everyone growing up has a dream of driving their own vehicle and having the freedom to go around just about anywhere. For your growing kids, having a buggy is the next best thing. For those that are looking for a dune buggy for kids, the Razor Dune Buggy seems to be just the right fit.

For years, Razor has been constructing their version of the mini dune buggy for kids. In fact, most Razor products are critically acclaimed for their functionality. Is the Razor Dune Buggy any different?

At first glance, the answer seems to be a resounding no, because its build quality happens to be top notch. In contrast to the plastics that are found in cheap buggies that easily break, the Razor Dune Buggy is constructed with high quality materials that are built to last. Everything from their steel frame to their diamond plate floorboards all scream quality at just about every angle. In addition, this buggy is designed to be low to the ground to prevent rollovers, which are one of the biggest nightmares for a parent.

Its mechanics are also superb. A car-like active suspension, the same equipment that you come to expect in full sized buggies, can be found in the Razor Dune Buggy. This, coupled with 8 inch wheels with rubber pneumatic tires, gives this mini dune buggy the ability to take on just about any terrain with confidence.

And then there’s the engine. An electric motor that has a maximum output of 350 watts, it is enough to carry a 120 pound kid and hustle up to a top speed of 10 miles per hour. Even better is that it has an adjustable torque system which allows it to conquer tough terrain such as uphill climbs.

Safety is something that is not left to chance, of course. Other than the aforementioned low to the ground stance, a steel roll cage adds additional protection and stability to the Razor dune buggy. Plus, this mini dune buggy is equipped with a real bucket seat complete with a seat belt. This is best used in compliment with a helmet, of course.

There is a lot to like about the Razor Dune Buggy. Its solid mechanical structure allows it to go rough and tumble over some of the toughest terrains around. Also, it is obvious that they have kept safety in mind when they designed this kart.

However, there are mixed feelings about its electric motor. It can only last for just over an hour before it needs charging, and charging could take around 18 hours to complete. But this is the price you pay for having a quiet yet strong engine that doesn’t need any gasoline.

All in all, the Razor Dune Buggy is a mini dune buggy that has most of the characteristics found in a full sized buggy. It is sure to provide your kids hours of fun outside.

Dune Buggy Go Kart: Is Razor Dune Buggy The Answer?

The first thing that you should observe on this dune buggy go kart combo is that it is priced well below the prices of some of the mini dune buggies on the market. Razor promises that their dune buggy is going to bring in all kinds of thrills for your young one. It can cruise to a quick yet safe speed, and can attack almost all kinds of terrain.

Of course, the first thing that any sensible parent would try to look at when they are looking for toys is the safety. Knowing this pressing concern, Razor leaves nothing to chance when it comes to safety.

The Razor Dune Buggy is armed with all kinds of safety features. From the design itself, you can see that it is designed to be low to the ground. This has a purpose, as it reduces the risk of rollovers which is one of the biggest causes of injuries.

And just in case a roll-over does happen, this dune buggy/go kart is not going to leave you high and dry. It is equipped with a roll cage that ensures safety in just about every angle. Other safety equipment includes a full bucket seat that has seat belts.

And boy, your kid would appreciate that the Razor Dune Buggy rides almost like a true, full sized buggy. The secret to this is an electric motor that has a maximum output of 350 watts, just enough to carry this at a speed of 10 miles per hour and to haul payload of up to 120 pounds.

In addition, it is equipped with 8 inch wheels complete with pneumatic tires. Its active suspension is going to soak up most any contact from the road, and makes it suitable for just about any terrain.

The Razor Dune Buggy has a strong upside for a lot of reasons. Its engine is strong enough to plow through difficult trails and is just speedy enough to thrill kids but not scare parents.

Also, since this is equipped with an electric motor, there is no need for fuel. And on top of that, this is designed to be a safe ride.

However, it has its shortcomings. The battery pack does run out in about 1 hour depending on terrain and weight of the user. Plus, the 18 hour recharge time can be hard for impatient little ones to understand.

If you are looking for a dune buggy go kart for your kids, the Razor Dune Buggy sounds like a good choice. Solidly built, it is going to bring lots of fun.

Razor Dune Buggy Review – Best Toy or Bogus Junk?

Razor Dune Buggy I know a lot of other parents out there are wondering if the Razor Dune Buggy is really a great toy for kids.  Since I had such a hard time finding much information out there when I was doing my research, I wanted to share my thoughts on this kids dune buggy.

Our son, David, kept telling me he was “bored.”  He had been spending way too much time sitting on the couch in front of the TV.  I really wanted to get him outside to get some fresh air and hang out with his friends. Recently, one of our neighbors bought a Razor Dune Buggy for their son and it had been a huge hit with all the kids on our street.

We decided to buy a kids dune buggy for David as a birthday gift so he could ride with his buddies.  It ended up being the best idea we’ve had in years, if I do say so myself.  My husband was almost as excited as David when we opened up the box.

By the way, it did come fully assembled and the battery was ready to go.  We didn’t have to wait until the next day to use our new toy since the battery was already charged.  Awesome!  (The instructions say that the battery needs to charge before use.  We probably would have gotten a longer first ride if we had actually followed the directions.)

I have to say, watching David on that thing, laughing and grinning, really lit up my day.  I think his grandparents might have had more fun watching him than he had riding it, if that’s possible.

Our son learned how to use the hand controls pretty quickly.  After that there was no keeping him away from his new electric dune buggy except when the battery needed to re-charge.  Now I don’t have to kick him out of the house to get him to play outside.

Thanks Razor for coming up with such a Sweet Ride!!

Razor Dune Buggy – Get the Facts!

The Razor Dune Buggy reminds me of the dune buggies my cousins had in the 70′s and 80′s. It’s a miniature electric version of the gas powered originals. I used to love tooling around in those things so this was a no-brainer for me to buy the Razor Electric Dune Buggy for my son.

This electric dune buggy has a powerful 350 watt motor and can go up to 10 mph. It seems to be fast enough to satisfy most kids but not too fast to give moms a heart attack. Adults can easily keep up with the buggy for easy supervision.

You can tell Razor put a lot of thought into parent safety concerns by keeping the kart low to the ground to prevent roll-overs and adding roll bars for added prevention. It also comes with a seat belt and safety flag for better visibility. Also, remember to use a helmet at all times.

It is well built with quality materials instead of the cheap plastic junk found on a lot of electric ride-ons. The Razor Dune Buggy has a powder coated tubular steel frame with diamond plate floorboards and 8 inch rubber pneumatic tires. One of the best things about this buggy is the fully electric motor that doesn’t require gas and is very quiet. No more stinky exhaust fumes and you can actually hear each other if you need to tell your child to turn around or slow down.

The hand throttle and brake controls are easy for kids to get the hang of especially if they already have experience with other ride-on toys and vehicles.

It comes fully assembled so all you have to do is open the box and put the flag in the hole. You probably will need to charge the battery for the full 18 hours recommended when you get it. It may arrive charged but to get the best first use, do try to charge the battery.

The age range on the box says for use by 14+ year olds. But that seems to be what the company lawyer recommended as opposed to the reality of who this product was built for (about 5 – 12 yrs. old depending on the child’s size). It would be perfect for kids too old for the plastic Barbie and Jeep cars that go 2 mph but are still too young for a full size go kart.

This is a super cool vintage-style ride! Kids of all ages love this thing (OK – I admit I really dig riding my son’s Razor Dune Buggy).